How To Book

We strongly advise to book with us as soon as possible. We book very fast.  
To book your date we require the travel fee and $200 of the rental fee. Both is non refundable. You have the option to pay the entire bill upfront or we will break up the balance in monthly payments for you.  Please note, if your event is in 30 days or less the full amount is due immediately. And travel fee may be higher due to last minute travel arrangements.
  1. We will email you a questionnaire for you to fill out. This is done so we can fill out a contract for you.
  2. You will email the questionnaire back to us. We will draw up your contract for you from your answers.
  3. A copy of the contract will be emailed or faxed to you. You have 5 days to send the contract and your deposit back to us from the date we send your contract to you.
  4. You will need to review, initial and sign the contract.
  5. You will mail us a copy of the signed contract with your retainer fee. (DATE IS NOT BOOKED UNTIL WE RECEIVE THE CONTRACT AND THE RETAINER FEE)
  6. Once contract and the retainer fee is received, we will sign, and mail your copy to you for your files. We will include a receipt of your retainer fee once payment clears.

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