This is a list of the most common questions we are asked on a day to day basis. Please read over the list before contacting us for an immediate answer. If not on here please call us at 216-245-1557

What is your phone number to call: TOP

You can call us at 216-245-1557

Do you have a minimum rental requirement? TOP
Yes. Minimum rental requirement is 12. You are free to mix and match centerpieces as long as its 12 or more.

Do you ship your rentals? TOP
No. We do not ship our rentals.

May I rent just the feathers? TOP
No. We don't rent just the feathers. Must rent the entire centerpiece.

Do you sell feathers? TOP
No. We do not sell feathers. We are a rental company only.

Is there a travel fee? TOP
Yes there is a travel fee. Please contact us to get a travel feel quote. Please include your date of event, city, state, and zipcode of your venue location. We need this to give you an accurate quote.

Can I pickup and drop off the centerpieces from you? TOP
No pickup/drop off service. We are full service only. Free setup and breakdown.(*travel fee applies)

What states do you travel to? TOP
We travel to all states and part of Canada. There is a travel fee. Contact us for a travel fee quote.

Will the centerpieces block the view of my guests? TOP

No. The completed feather centerpiece stand approximately 55 inches tall. We make them tall so they do not block the view of your guest.

Do you have an showroom? TOP

We have an office for consultations. We setup the centerpieces you want to book for you. They are by appointments only. Consultations are $60 and must be paid prior to your appointed date. Call us at 216-245-1557

What form of payments do you accept? TOP

For your deposit we accept money order or check.
For you monthly payments we accept Money order, check, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Debit cards with the Visa/Mastercard logo on it.

Credit card logos

Can I come see the centerpieces prior to booking? TOP

Yes. To schedule a private consultation give us a call. We will set up the centerpiece in the feather color, lights, and vase of your choice to view. Consultation is $60

When do you come to the venue to setup? TOP
We normally setup 3 hours prior to the event start time. It all depends on the number of centerpieces you are renting. When renting 50 or more centerpieces the setup time will be earlier

What time do you come to the venue to break down? TOP

At the end of your event time, we return to venue to remove the centerpieces. This is done on the same day of your event.

What color feathers do you carry? TOP

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, hotpink/fuchsia, purple, black, light pink, light blue, lime, light gray, brown, burgandy, turquoise, kelly green, and white

What color lights do you have? TOP
Red, white, blue, amber, and hotpink/fuchsia, purple, teal. If there is a color not listed please contact us we will verify if we can get the color you want.

What type of feathers do you rent? TOP

We rent ostrich feathers. Male winged plumes first quality and hand picked. They are 18 to 23 inches long. They have a natural droop and very plush looking.
WE DO NOT USE DRAB FEATHERS! Drabs are the cheaper smaller feathers you can purchase on the internet used in the kits. Beware usually the pictures are of the male winged plumes however when you get the kit they will be the small drabs.

What vase options do you carry? TOP

White eiffel tower vase
Clear trumpet tower vase
Spandex tower vase
Hurrican tower vase

How does the booking process work? TOP

We send you a questionare to fill out. From your answers we type up a contract for you. Contract is sent to you for your review and signature.
You will mail us the contract with the non refundable travel fee and $200 of the rental fee by check or money order. Once we receive we will sign make copies to send back to you with your receipt.
The remainder balance of the rental fee you can pay in full or it's broken up into monthly payments.

What is included per centerpiece? TOP

Per centerpiece: vase, lights, feathers,
Per lampshade centerpiece: lights, trumpet vase, and lamp shade.

Can the centerpieces be rented out doors? TOP
No. They can only be for indoor use.

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